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Here’s what people have said so far about the challenges facing Britain.

Number of participants and votes

222 challenges

222 of you put forward a challenge that you think needs tackling in order to help make Britain a better place to live.

288 voters

288 of you said whether you agreed or disagreed with challenges submitted by other people.

11,855 votes

11,855 votes have been cast agreeing or disagreeing with challenges put forward by others.

Agreement on key issues

[There are some key issues which the overwhelming majority of people who voted on them consider to be important.

There’s lots of agreement about the need for more staff and funding for the NHS, the importance of non-university further education such as apprenticeships and issues related to trust in politics.]

Groups of opinion

[Other issues are far more divisive. Unsurprisingly, in November 2019 the most divisive challenges raised were all related to Brexit or immigration.

Both issues formed the dividing lines between the two groups of opinion that have emerged amongst the 212 people who have participated in the exercise so far.

Each opinion group is made up of a number of participants who tended to vote similarly on multiple challenges. Each group also contains people who voted distinctly from the other group. For ease, we have named each “Group A” and “Group B”.]

[There’s also lots of agreement between the two groups that are otherwise divided over Brexit and immigration.

The need to fund and staff the NHS properly came up consistently as a consensus issue between Group A and Group B. More general challenges related to trust in both politics and the media are also areas of agreement.

Some more specific issues were also judged as important by both groups, including the importance of more vocational forms of education and the transparency of public sector contracts.]

Group Sizes

[Group A is by far the largest group, comprising 50% of those who participated. 23% fall into Group B, and a further 28% expressed views which did not fit with either group.

These results are borne out by a nationally representative group of people we had join the exercise, showing that this broadly reflects the attitudes of the population at large.]

These are interim results intended to inform those who took part in the conversation. They are not designed for publication.

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