Britain faces challenges. Let’s find a way to tackle them together.

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We want to find a way forward on the biggest challenges facing our country. Early work suggests we all feel strongly about health, poverty, the environment and immigration. If you want to contribute on these  – or suggest your own – join the conversation.

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Concern about our health and care services unites all of us. This was obvious before the misery of the Covid-19 pandemic and improvements are even more pressing in its wake. Our first project will bring together as many people as possible from across the country to find solutions.

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Working together, we can solve our problems

Engage Britain trusts that together we can create a better Britain. We, the people living in this country, must be at the heart of finding ways forward on the biggest challenges we face. Our nation is at its best when we engage with each other – great ideas come from combining our different views, knowledge and experiences. Together we need to test these ideas, finding ways forward that both reach across divides and improve lives. And we must work together to put these ways forward into action. This is how we will make Britain a better place for us all to live.

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People from across Britain

Engage Britain hosted a series of discussions across the country about the challenges we all face. Here’s what people though about the experience.

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Heading TBC

Britain faces a host of challenges that should have been addressed decades ago – from immediate problems like the funding of health and care, ensuring opportunities for families living in poverty, and protecting the environment. Some we know are fundamentally divisive, like immigration. Others, like the coronavirus crisis, affect us all whilst highlighting the problems we’ve left to fester.

Our approach needs to change. We are perfectly capable of understanding the challenges we face, of engaging decently with each other despite our differences and of finding sustainable ways forward that reach across divides. We need everyone to get involved in making vital decisions about our lives and our society. We need to act now. It’s no longer just an option – it’s essential.

Heading TBC

We need to build lasting solutions – not just patch up and paint over, but find sustainable ways forward. In local communities across our country, people are already providing radical, simple answers in tackling seemingly impossible problems. We need to transfer this energy and ingenuity to tackling the challenges facing the entire nation.

We’ll bring together a range of different methods to support everyone who wants to be involved. Where the problem needs new solutions, we’ll use design techniques to bring together people with different knowledge and experience to reinvent services. Where key voices have been excluded, we’ll make sure we’re all equally involved in finding answers. Where the problem is rooted in our differences of opinion, we’ll be using deliberative techniques to build on the things we agree on.

Through all this, we’ll show that our different experiences, opinions and ways of solving problems actually improve debates and help create imaginative, practical and radical responses to the uncertainty of our times.

Our people

Julian McCrae

I’ve spent 25 years in the world of public policy creation, including five years as Deputy Director of the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, where I led the unit’s work on social mobility, welfare policies and economic growth.

Sadly, I’ve seen it fail time and time again on issues from housing to immigration. The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is that real ideas, important ideas, don’t start in government. They start with real people, in civic society.

I set up Engage Britain because I truly believe that when we gather people from all parts of society ­– and commit to listening and learning from their experiences – we can create ideas that work and make real change.

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Alasdair de Costa

I’ve worked in analytical roles at major tech companies and more recently in research at a well-known think tank. I’ve always been interested in politics and policy, because I believe they’re the best ways to materially improve all of our lives.

I joined Engage Britain because I care about making sure policies work for people, particularly those they most affect, and those often excluded from conversations about the direction of our country. It’s been fantastic to listen and learn from people all over Britain as they discuss some of the biggest challenges we face.

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Binita Mehta-Parmar
Head of Partnerships

I’ve spent a decade working in strategic communications, with a background in politics, charity governance and building non-profit start-up teams. Now, I’m leading the development of partnerships, networks and relationships for Engage Britain.

Having represented my community as a local Councillor, I sincerely believe in putting citizens and communities at the centre of compassionate and sustainable policymaking.

The prospect of helping solve the biggest challenges facing us, at a time when we really need solutions that bridge divides, sincerely excites me. I look forward to working with you to build a positive future for our country.

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