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Deciding what to tackle first

Our mission is to help find ways forward on the biggest challenges facing our country. We’re doing some work to figure out what challenges to work on first. Our early work has found how strongly we collectively feel about funding health and care properly and about opportunities for families living in poverty. We see immigration as the most divisive issue we face. And we’re increasingly concerned about protecting the environment. You can read more about what we’ve been doing below. 

We’re now opening these conversations up to everyone – you can respond to what other people are saying or suggest your own challenge. Let us know what’s on your mind.

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The story so far

Health and social care exploration

Date: June 2020

Health and social care exploration – the key to understanding the topic.

Online conversation

Date: June 2020

We’ve launched an online conversation to allow anyone to give their opinion and respond to others, using technology that has been used around the world. We also included a group of representative participants, to understand what matters to specific groups as well as more generally. Join the conversation yourself

Thoughts on being engaged

Date: Late 2019

We asked the people involved in the discussions to reflect on the experience. Listen to what they thought…

Woman speaking

Divisions in Britain – the evidence

Date: Autumn 2019

Working with King’s College London, we’ve explored whether we’re really as divided as the media debate would lead us to believe. Our findings reveal that we are not a country split neatly in two, rather a nation with fragmented views. Read more about what we found…

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